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Length/Weight: 10 cm / 7 g
Color: Pro Blue (PB)
Original price LE 200.00 - Original price LE 220.00
Original price
LE 200.00
LE 200.00 - LE 220.00
Current price LE 200.00


The So-Run Joker Shad takes soft plastics to a whole new level of user-customization. What might look like a standard boot tail swimbait quickly differs when you look closely at the unique tail section of the So-Run Joker Shad. Attached by two membranes out of the packet, the Joker-Shad has a subtle swimming action out of the packet with more body roll than hard thumping tail action. However, remove the lower membrane by either cutting or simply tearing off and the strong tail action comes to life. So whether you want a subtle tail kick or a heavy pronounced tail action it’s up to you. A first for soft plastics!


  • Twin-action tail responds differently when secondary tail membrane is removed.
  • Tight tail kicking action with intact tail membrane for fast retrieves.
  • Strong rolling action with removed tail membrane for slow-med retrieves.
  • Ribbed, textured body for added vibration.
  • Ideal for casting & vertical presentations alike.


Model No. Running Depth Length Weight Buoyancy Pack
SSRJS04 Variable 12.5 cm 9 g Neutral  5
SSRJS05 Variable 15 cm 16 g Neutral 4