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by Lynx
Hook Size - Breaking Strain - Length - Pcs: 6 - 15lb - 35cm - 3 pcs
Original price LE 105.00 - Original price LE 115.00
Original price
LE 105.00
LE 105.00 - LE 115.00
Current price LE 105.00


The LYNX De-Tach system is an innovative way for shore and boat anglers to have a multitude of rigs at their fingertips to suit all fishing scenarios. The system works via the quick change LYNX clip, which is ideal for quickly changing rig presentation or replacing damaged snoods. The system offers total flexibility to make your perfect rig configurations. The snood range is available in a variety of lengths, materials, hook sizes and patters. Recommended to be used with Lynx De-Tach rigs.