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Size: 75 LB - 30.5 CM
Original price LE 690.00 - Original price LE 690.00
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LE 690.00
LE 690.00 - LE 690.00
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To nullify fangs, canines and incisors, it’s mandatory to use a slash-proof leader. To accommodate a wide range of fishing applications, one needs a full complement of weights and lengths. Knot2Kinky Leaders come in strengths from 15- to 100-lb. covering everything from northern pike and bluefish to muskies, mackerel and kingfish, all the way to sharks or barracudas. Big fish with big baits call for 18-inch Knot2Kinky Leaders. Shorter nippers are better tackled with 6-inchers. Shorter leaders can also make for better casting, as the swivel doesn’t get choked in the top guide of your fishing rod. 

Component-wise, all Knot2Kinky Leaders incorporate a heavy-duty swivel and a trusted, size-matched snap is standard issue on every size and length of Knot2Kinky Leader.